How are commissions calculated?

The commissions are calculated on the product price. Shipping/Taxes/Coupon discounts are excluded from the commission calculation. 

Why we do this?

  • This is the industry standard practice of calculating commission. Shipping/Taxes/Coupon discounts are vary between countries, states and location. Therefore incorporating this would incur a great accounting overhead.

  • This creates a more transparent program. (i.e. on our store if you see a £150 article and and your commission is 20% on its sale, you'll receive £30 for its referral.

  • When a sale is made a connection is made using the customer's email address. When a purchase is made on by a customer, the customer is required to provide an email address. The customers connect feature seamlessly finds out if a affiliate is connected to the customer's email address and credits the connected affiliate with the commission of the sale for future sales by same customer. 

  • One exception to this rule is where the affiliate's customer has for example' visited an external affiliate coupon site and has been referred back to from that website that we have an agreement with in which case commission will be paid to the external affiliate referral site as we can not pay commission twice for one sale.

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