Getting Paid

Our Program is based on the revenue sharing model, where Societal pays the Online Retailer for promoting products.

How do I get paid for my promotions?

Before you start your promotions, you will need to set up your payment settings. You can do this by using the Settings section on the Online Retailer dashboard.

You should also check the minimum payout, which is the amount of money you will have to earn (from your referrals) before being paid, and the payment terms that are the term periods for payment.

If your preferred mode of payment is unavailable, you can ask us to set it up. It is worth bearing in mind that some modes of payment incurs additional fees. For example each transaction processed through Paypal will cost the online retailer 25p.

The currently enabled supported payment methods are:

We provides you with multiple payout options as follows:


Bank Transfer (SWIFT/ACH)

Debit Card

Store Credit

Store Discount Coupon
Store Gift Card

The difference between a store discount coupon and a store gift card is, that store credits get added to the gift card which is both reusable and can be clubbed, while the discount coupon that gets generated, can only be used once and cannot be clubbed.   

Store credit is a currency for our web store that the online retailers can choose to receive instead of money. Here the online retailer is provided with either a discount coupon that gets generated or a gift card that gets credited according to the amount of commission. This can then be used to make purchases on Societal.Store. 

For Example, Online Retailer (A) can choose instead of receiving £50 in money, will instead receive £50 in discount coupons, or store credits, where he or she can choose to use these credits to purchase on Societal.Store

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