Commissions Types

When a affiliate promotes a product through their network and a purchase is made, they earn commission on it, this system of marketing is based on the revenue sharing model.

Commission rates

Types of Commissions
  1. Default Commission

  2. Product Commission

  3. Collection Commission

  4. Fixed Commission

Default Commission

Default Commissions which are commission rates that apply to all the products and affiliates. This is the commission that will be applied by default. Any product that is purchased using an affiliate' referral will have this commission rate set up automatically. These are commission rates that will apply to all products except those, that are mentioned in other commission types.

Default Commissions

Product Commission

We will sometimes site custom commission rates for particular products. This is useful for setting higher commissions on products that are more expensive.

Product Commissions

Collection Commissions

Collection commission is sometimes used for setting up commission for a collection of products or a category of products. 

This is used mainly in setting up of commissions for seasonal sales such as summer, winter collections for clothes. 

Collection Commissions

In an example, for collection commission, we can set up shirts such as these in our store as summer collection, where all of them will have a common commission rate of 6%, this is useful in bringing newer stocks of products such as seasonal clothes and also clearing up inventory for newer arrivals for the season.

Fixed Commissions 

Societal's Store offers its platform for artists, gamers, musicians, and YouTubers to create and showcase their unique looks as phone cases, wall prints, fashionable tees, tanks, and more. 

Fixed commissions are a commission from the sale of particular products that are set to our designers, so when a sale of the product takes place, regardless of the affiliate referral of the product, the designer set to the product will also earn commission/royalties when the sale of the product is made.

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