Coupons are a very effective tool for affiliate's to convert people into customers. Coupons help in introducing our brand to newer customers, therefore, expanding your reach. This is useful in bringing over newer customers, who are apprehensive to buy the products on our store at a full price, so coupon codes provide them a financial incentive to buy products on societal store at a discounted price.


On social media, it's very common to see influencers selling or promoting products, in most cases they will provide a coupon code that their followers can then use to purchase a product. These coupon codes when used by their followers will earn the influencer commission on the sale that is made.

According to data compiled by Invespcro,

Coupon usage has been increasing rapidly worldwide, with over a billion people making use of coupons.

Automatic Coupons

The data also suggests that smartphone users are more inclined to make their product purchases using coupons. It also said that 68% of customers believe that coupons also build brand awareness and increases customer loyalty. With more than 77% of consumers spending more than anticipated when redemption of coupons, translates to good business.

How do coupons work in our online affiliate program?

Societal assigns unique coupon codes to every online affiliate.

When this coupon is shared to your network and they make a purchase using the coupon code, the coupon code will provide the customer with a discount (the discount rate which you have been assigned). The the affiliate (you) will then earn a commission over the coupon referral when a sale is made.

Societal provides two types of coupons:

  1. Assigned Coupons to affiliate's and;
  2. Automatic Coupons

The coupon code assigned to each online affiliate will only be used once per customer. If a customer tries to use this coupon code, to order again, the coupon code will not work. This is useful in bringing over a new customer to the store, where they can use the coupon code to purchase their first order, after which they will have to purchase the product on the store at the full price.

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