Signing up for an account

Open signup

Societal allowd you to register immediately – simply fill out the registration with your username, email address, and password, and you can start using your account.

Your username and your domain

Societal usernames actually consist of two parts:

  • The local username, e.g. alice
  • And the domain of the website, e.g.

Just like an e-mail address. For convenience sake, Societal allows you to skip the second part when addressing people on the same server as you, but you have to keep in mind when sharing your username with other people from other servers, you need to include the domain or they won’t be able to find you as easily.

I’m @alice on Societal!Wrong
I’m @alice@societal.coCorrect
I'm on Societal!Correct

The search form in Societal will find people either with the above address form, or the link to the person’s profile, so you can share that instead if you prefer.


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